Zephyros is end-game EQ guild on Vallon Zek that is focused heavily on raiding. Our members adhere to a strictly enforced code of conduct and associated policies that are available for viewing in the Applications section of our message board.

If you are interested in becoming an applicant, please read see the application sections of the board link below.


    New Horizons

    All good things must come to an end, and so to does the Zephyros EQ chapter come to a close. The pressures of World of WarCraft, EverQuest 2, the annual holiday lull and a Zek server merge has proved to distracting to keep the guild as a going concern, so rather than have it drag on endlessly, the remaining active officers have decided let things go.

    Good times were had by all over the past two years (and even earlier for those who formed Zephyros from HECK). The drama, while it existed, I think was managed relatively well and the overarching goals were always put first (even though not everyone always agreed in the manner or attaining those goals). :)

    Now, some members are still playing EQ and have applied to Defiant, Pandemonium, Ancient Dawn or one of the other guilds that have merged to form the new Zek server. Still others are going entirely rogue while they weigh their futures in EQ.

    Other members have moved on to EQ2 or WoW. In the case of WoW roughly 40 of our members (including several of the original Zeph officers) have formed Zephyros on the Kil'Jaeden server, and have been joined by RL friends and applicants from that server.

    Wherever your path lies, I wish you a safe and pleasant journey.

    Until the next world...

      posted by Svenuce @ 4:38 PM

    Monday, February 21, 2005  


    Server First, Battlemaster Rhorious Down

    Another mob falls to us first in OOW in the form of Battlemaster Rhorious. We think we now have a pretty good handle on all of the named in Ruined City at this point. Again, OOW seems to be the good and fun expansion that GoD most certainly wasn't.

    Battlemaster Rhorious

      posted by Svenuce @ 7:54 AM

    Friday, October 15, 2004  


    Hello Uqua, Ikkiniz 4 - Antechamber of Destruction Down!

    This has been on our to do list for quite a while and we finally managed to fill a raid and defeat the these encounters. The Keeper of the Altar fell to our hands and flagged some 30odd folks for Uqua (the number of flags is determined by the number of survivors). Obviously now that we have devised strategies that are effective for us, we will be clearing Ik4 at every opportunity for more flags and we'll be Uqua bound at last.

    Keeper of the Altar

      posted by Svenuce @ 1:45 AM

    Wednesday, October 13, 2004  


    Server First, Zun'Muram Volklana Down

    While we've mostly been leveling up, cranking out some OOW AAs and spell farming, progress still continutes. In the past month we've made additional attempts at IK4 getting further and further into that trial. Number of flagged folks has been an issue so some backflagging is going to happen very shortly to remedy that.

    In the mean time OOW has been nice to us as its lack of flags has allowed our apps and some of our less active memebrs to join our adventures with us. One such adventure was last night where we put down Zun'Muram Volklana, a server first as far as we are aware and we won our first attempt (unlike several other OOW encounters we've tried that had some steep learning curves).

    Zun'Muram Volklana
    Executioner's Cincture to Borak

    Wristwraps of Puresilk to Donnaelder

      posted by Svenuce @ 6:05 AM

    Tuesday, October 12, 2004  


    Ikkiniz, Chambers of Transcendece Defeated

    Yep. Another Ik raid down. We're now just one more Ik raid away from Uqua.

    Transcendent Acolyte

    Aegis of Blackscales to Gethdaryx
    Bloodlink Chestmail to Tinedan

    Guardian of Transcendence

    Coldstone of Continuance to Ronoake

    Vrex Xalkak Nixki

    Blackstone Buckler to Halorin
    Bloodstone Sword to Ramirecc

    Skeet! Skeet! Skeet!

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    Monday, August 30, 2004  


    Ikkiniz, Chambers of Glorification Down

    It would have gone down a few days ago had the server not crashed mid-raid, but better late than never to be sure. In any event, our first full attempt at it, it was cleared.

    Visionary of Glory

    Aegis of Blackscales to Shapira

    Sentinal of Glorification

    Darkglint Blade to Doraith

    Guardian of Glorification

    Deathcaller's Stonewind to Dillnar and Jermeria
    Jagged Onyx Staff to Munyo
    Jointed Scale Greaves to Juwdas

    On to the next...

      posted by Svenuce @ 5:55 AM

    Thursday, August 19, 2004  


    Ikkiniz, Chambers of Righteousness Down

    Ok, since we finished off Time, we've been farming that mercilessly all the while pushing foward in GoD. Unlike PoP, GoD doesn't have a lot of early milestones as people grind through trials in an effort to get to the point that you can start raiding Time-like content again.

    I guess what we can say is that nearly everyone is Kod'Taz flagged (having completed the Tipt, Vxed and Sewers trials or Weaponmaster). Some people have made it through Ikkiniz 1, 2 and 3. Certainly, we have people able to trigger the first Ikkiniz raid in the form of the Chambers of Righteousness, which we attempted for the first time last night.

    I'm proud to say, it is teh done and we'll be moving on post-haste.

    Priest of Righteousness

    Bloodlink Chestmail to Fyzas
    Spell: Night Stalker to Festorxx

    Custodean of Righteousness

    Darkglint Blade to Deriyan

    Guardian of Righteousness

    Fleshthreader's Mace to Vaanessa

    Spirit of Tunik Tamuik

    Blackstone of Radical Thought to Oelin
    Onyx Ring of Prayer to Satrina

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    Sunday, August 15, 2004  


    Stop the Presses!

    After years of yearning, wanting and occasionally whining, Tananthalas, ranger extrordinaire, finally completed his epic.

    This sets a new milestone for Zephyros, having not actually completed an epic in probably over two years.

    The officers have decided that this Time gear is crap and that we will continue down this new (old?) path of redoing epics.

    Who's up for a Ragefire camp?

    In other news, I seem to have lost my thyroid...

      posted by Svenuce @ 9:40 AM

    Monday, June 28, 2004  


    PoP Complete - Quarm Down

    Well after another round of Time backflagging last week, we took a running start at tearing down Quarm. The first evening our attempt took him to 30% or so. The next night he died to our hands.


    Ethereal Silk Leggings to Sitizen
    Silver Hoop of Speed to Tananthalas
    Spool of Woven Time to Donnaelder

    This caps what has been a very fast move through time by almost any measure, learning all of the encounters and clearing every mob in the zone in under a month. Congratulations all around, especially to the officers who continue to bust their asses for the good of the guild.

    The continued farming of Time and Quarm is in the cards as we turn some energies toward GoD and the upcoming expansion.

      posted by Svenuce @ 5:28 AM

    Tuesday, June 22, 2004  


    Phase 4 clear... Moving through Phase 5

    In the past week or so the guild has been working hard on learning the new time encounters. We finished off phase 4 a couple times killing VZ's punk ass without too much difficulty. More recently we killed CT our very first attempt and then very nearly took down Inny also our first attempt.

    Cazic Thule

    Earring of Unseen Horrors to Rubiness
    Elemental Robe to Cadarian & Fatanya

    Vallon Zek

    Hammer of Holy Vengeance to Warby
    Helm of Flowing Time to Juwdas
    Shoes of Fleeting Fury to Raizo

    Here's some of the most recent early phase loots (much thanks to Yumlek for compiling):

    Phase1 Loot

    June 8
    Mask of Conceptual Energy - Colgan
    Smooth Onyx Torque - Daeaen
    Smooth Onyx Torque - Agrion
    Wristguard of Keen Vision - Satrina - app
    Wristguard of Keen Vision - Guesch

    June 7
    Mask of Conceptual Energy to Kaiyya
    Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Cosanostra
    Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Agrion
    Smooth Onyx Torque - Ciell
    Wristguard of Keen Vision

    June 5
    Wristguard of Keen Vision - Myca
    Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Nashwan
    Mask of Conceptual Energy - Tinedan
    ??? - Rotted
    ??? - Rotted

    June 4
    Ring of Force - Ciell
    Ring of Force - Angeluss
    Smooth Onyx Torque - Azellon
    Smooth Onyx Torque - Derba
    Wristguard of Keen Vision - Tormentre

    June 3
    Mask of Conceptual Energy - Iveagh
    Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Iveagh
    Ring of Force - Kthan
    Smooth Onyx Torque - Theleasi
    Wristguard of Keen Vision - Donnaelder

    June 2
    Mask of Conceptual Energy - Aerdae
    Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Augustina
    Wristguard of Keen Vision - Augustina
    Ring of Force - Darkbire
    Smooth Onyx Torque - Guesch

    May 31
    Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Steiner
    Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Thilley
    Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Gisz
    Smooth Onyx Torque - Rubaan
    Mask of Conceptual Energy - Thilley

    May 27
    Ring of Force - Drigonas
    Ring of Force - Jermeria
    Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Myca
    Wristguard of Keen Vision - Ferrious
    Mask of Conceptual Energy - Kitaya

    May 26
    Hoop of the Enlightened - Rubaan
    Mask of Conceptual Energy - Rotted
    Ring of Force - Rotted
    ??? - Rotted
    ??? - Rotted

    May 22
    Wristguard of Keen Vision - Boaw
    Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Dhae
    Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Shamf
    ??? - Rotted
    ??? - Rotted

    May 21
    Mask of Conceptual Energy - Dhae
    Mask of Conceptual Energy - Derba
    Wristguard of Keen Vision - Teyxan
    Smooth Onyx Torque - Angeluss
    Smooth Onyx Torque - Doraith

    May 20
    Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Kthan
    Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Jermeria
    Mask of Conceptual Energy - Llaile
    Smooth Onyx Torque - Praetorious
    Smooth Onyx Torque - Kaiyya

    May 19
    Smooth Onyx Torque - Gethdaryx
    Wristguard of Keen Vison - Sudani
    Wristguard of Keen Vison- Cohren
    Ring of Force - Blaade
    Ring of Force - Ladanian

    Phase2 Loot

    June 8
    Drape of the Unending - Cosanostra
    Wand of the Vortex - Colgan
    Shield of the Vortex - Colgan
    Tiny Jade Ring - Chantelle
    Tiny Jade Ring - Rubiness

    June 2
    Wand of the Vortex - Izult
    Gauntlets of Disruption - Guesch
    Gauntlets of Disruption - Lindie
    Tiny Jade Ring - Mindz
    Tiny Jade Ring - Rotted

    May 26
    Gauntlets of Disruption - Ramirecc
    Glowing Chains - Sudani
    Girdle of Restoration - Morshaiz - app
    Gauntlets of Disruption - Jermeria
    Hoop of the Enlightened - Rubaan

    May 20
    Wand of the Vortex - Festorxx
    Girdle of Restoration - Bladia
    Drape of the Unending - Dilldorf
    Drape of the Unending - Beornagar
    Tiny Jade Ring - Saveuriss

    Obvoiusly there's a bunch of phase 3 and phase 4 loot missing from these posts, but I really don't have the time to go searching for all of it. Just know some other people got some nice shiny new toys.


      posted by Svenuce @ 6:15 AM

    Thursday, June 10, 2004  


    Progress Time

    After suffering through another Rathe encounter (which took us another couple of attempts to complete thanks mostly to DX9 freezes) we've started our exploratory work into the Plane of Time. Obviously we have a lot to learn but on our first real attempts we're already into phase 4.

    For laughs, here's our first two night's loots (about 12 hours worth invested).

    Phase 1
    Pulsing Emerald Hoop x5 - Izult, Dhae, Shamf, Jermeria, Kthan
    Wristguard of Keen Vision x4 - Cohren, Sudani, Teyxan, Boaw
    Ring of Force x3 - Blaade, Ladanian, Azellon
    Mask of Conceptual Energy x3 - Dhae, Derba, Llaile
    Smooth Onyx Torque x5 - Angeluss, Doraith, Kaiyya, Praetorious, Gethdaryx

    Phase 2
    Girdle of Restoration - Bladia
    Drape of the Unending x2 - Beornagar & Dilldorf
    Tiny Jade Ring - Saveuriss
    Wand of the Vortex - Festorxx

    Phase 3
    Dagger of Distraction - Blaade
    Protective Sleeves x2 - Chantelle & Lanarye
    Romar's Pantaloon's of Vision - Fatanya
    Time Traveler's Abandoned Notebook - Yumlek
    Timeless Coral Greatsword - Blackheart
    Ethereal Destroyer - Tananthalas

    Phase 4
    Ring of Evasion - Tinedan
    Symbol of the Planemasters - Gimpox
    Runewarded Belt - Traxmaster
    Terris Thule
    Vanazir, Dreamer's Despair - Ramirecc
    Cape of Endless Torment x2 - Neain & Augustina
    Tallon Zek
    Hopebringer - Steiner
    Amulet of Crystal Dreams - Fluuxx
    Bracer of Precision - Tobynn

      posted by Svenuce @ 9:07 AM

    Sunday, May 23, 2004  


    Eat Dirt... Rathe Coucil/Avatar of Earth Down... Plane of Time Enabled!

    We had our first attempt at the Rathe Council on Wednesday night. On our very first try we almost had the encounter beat. The whole night was two steps forward, one step back with lots of learning going on regardless of the direction of movement. We recovered from tank mez groups dropping. We recovered from councilmembers becoming unmezzed and killing chanters. We recovered from the DOZENS of screen-freeze LDs that played hell with the raid composition. But it was not to be on Wednesday. We had 10 councilmembers locked down on the pull of the 11th, an unfortunate shadowstep activated the 12th and we almost recovered from that, but not quite. It was the end of a productive evening even if we did not get the kill.

    Thursday night we went back in to the Chamber of the Twelve with a better understanding of the encounter and its many pitfalls. At the end of the day, the twelve pissed off Tiki statues died, the Avatar of Earth was triggered and he shortly died to our hands thereafter.

    Avatar of Earth

    Ring of Flowing Stones - To Warby and Anexkahn

    The end result of which is that we now have our first 72 time flags completed (aside from a handful of members who came to us with Time flags). This is a obviously major milestone for us with Time having been our goal for over a year and being the first guild on Vallon (or hell, any Zek server) to make it there with any significant PVP competition above them in their timezone. I'm sure we won't be the last but I can say that the Rathe encounter is easily the most tedious of any in POP we've encountered thus far.

    Anyway, great work folks. It's awesome to see us pushing forward and I'm certainly looking forward to more progress in the near future.

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    Friday, April 30, 2004  


    Fishsticks For All

    Ok, so it took us a while. Between constantly fighting for attempts to learn the encounter and other issues, it has taken us a bit of time to down Corny. The reality is, it took us about three real attempts to sort out a strat that works for us and the rest of the time taken was due to PVP related events and other forms of cockblocking that took us this long to kill the fish. Sue us. Either way, it's dead. We progress.

    It's somewhat fitting that yet again, we had to fight for the right to kill him last night. We earned the shot (convincingly I might add) and took him down. The kill is extra gratifying as it gave us yet another opportunity to put some of the people from an enemy guild who were talking shit after last night's PVP in their place. It's also nice that our no use of public channel policies save us from looking as bad as it made these people look. But I digress...

    I did hear a rumor shortly after the kill that Corny was incredibly pissed off at Defiant for breaking their mutual protection agreement though. Ahh, the politics of VZ.

    Coirnav the Avatar of Water

    Double Woven Kelp Cord to Juwdas
    Kelp-lined Mantle to Thunderian
    Kerasha's Sylvan Leggings to Thilley

    Obviously 72 flags were also enjoyed by those present (about 80 toons including bots). Hats off guys. Really well earned and well excuted.

    In the mean time, we've been farming the EPs mercilessly. EP patterns (some slots and types) are now going to apps and alts. We've also killed Fennin probably at least a half dozen times since the last update, so our gear progression has been moving forward this whole time.

    With the most blowable, easily cockblockable mob between us and Time down, next on the list will be Rathe Council and the Avatar of Earth. Lucky for us, we're already all PoEB flagged. :)

    See ya soon.

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    Wednesday, April 14, 2004  


    Mini Update

    Backflagging is now complete (for now of course). We're still looking toward time and toward a time where the DX9 bugs are fixed (MT's warping to entrance, mobs below the world, mob and pet pathing issues, people falling under the world on zone in, etc.). EPs have been farmed mercilessly with several more Fennin kills for fun and giggles. We'll revisit Xeg more after the collision bugs are fixed.

    We hope all is well with the rest of yas.

    Like every other end game guild, we'd love another extremely active cleric or two. Please apply at the Zeph boards by following the instructions in the application forum.

      posted by Svenuce @ 1:08 PM

    Tuesday, March 30, 2004  


    Keep on Keepin’ On

    As you can see, we've switched to our new web server and boards. That's one job I've been meaning to do for a while finally done. If you've not yet registered on our boards, I'd like to invite you to do so by clicking the "boards" link in the left column.

    In in-game news, we continue our resurgence and our march toward Time. We’ve tried to keep it a little quiet but it seems we failed in that endeavor, but in the last three days we’ve completed two sets of Plane of Earth B keys so we have more than 100 folks flagged to take on The Rathe Council in the not-so-distant future. Those damn rings are time consuming but we're down to just Corny (which we've attempted once and failed but learned a lot in that process) and The Rathe with no other obstacles in our path flagwise.

    Tons of EP stuff has been dying (waaaay too much loot to list lately often with 6 – 8 mobs/rings getting cleared per night). In addition, we’ve made some exploratory progress in GoD with some people already having worked through the sewers trials in off hours.

    We’ll need to do a round of backflagging soon just to get all of our apps fully caught up. We’ve neglected backflagging at all for over a month and we’ll probably do that all in one week sometime soon (apps, you’ve been warned, please be online for the mobs you still need).

    On that note, we are flush with apps but there are still a few classes we would love to see more participation from. Chief among them are clerics. So if you’re a 65 cleric and aren’t a putz, get off your keister and apply before we do this round of backflagging.

      posted by Svenuce @ 10:35 AM

    Wednesday, February 25, 2004  
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