Zephyros is end-game EQ guild on Vallon Zek and a newly formed WoW guild on XYZ server that is focused heavily on raiding. Our members adhere to a strictly enforced code of conduct and associated policies that are available for viewing in the Applications section of our message board.

If you are interested in becoming an applicant, please read see the application sections of the appropriate board link below.

Server First, Battlemaster Rhorious Down

Another mob falls to us first in OOW in the form of Battlemaster Rhorious. We think we now have a pretty good handle on all of the named in Ruined City at this point. Again, OOW seems to be the good and fun expansion that GoD most certainly wasn't.

Battlemaster Rhorious

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Friday, October 15, 2004  

Hello Uqua, Ikkiniz 4 - Antechamber of Destruction Down!

This has been on our to do list for quite a while and we finally managed to fill a raid and defeat the these encounters. The Keeper of the Altar fell to our hands and flagged some 30odd folks for Uqua (the number of flags is determined by the number of survivors). Obviously now that we have devised strategies that are effective for us, we will be clearing Ik4 at every opportunity for more flags and we'll be Uqua bound at last.

Keeper of the Altar

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004  

Server First, Zun'Muram Volklana Down

While we've mostly been leveling up, cranking out some OOW AAs and spell farming, progress still continutes. In the past month we've made additional attempts at IK4 getting further and further into that trial. Number of flagged folks has been an issue so some backflagging is going to happen very shortly to remedy that.

In the mean time OOW has been nice to us as its lack of flags has allowed our apps and some of our less active memebrs to join our adventures with us. One such adventure was last night where we put down Zun'Muram Volklana, a server first as far as we are aware and we won our first attempt (unlike several other OOW encounters we've tried that had some steep learning curves).

Zun'Muram Volklana
Executioner's Cincture to Borak

Wristwraps of Puresilk to Donnaelder

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004  
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