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Ikkiniz, Chambers of Transcendece Defeated

Yep. Another Ik raid down. We're now just one more Ik raid away from Uqua.

Transcendent Acolyte

Aegis of Blackscales to Gethdaryx
Bloodlink Chestmail to Tinedan

Guardian of Transcendence

Coldstone of Continuance to Ronoake

Vrex Xalkak Nixki

Blackstone Buckler to Halorin
Bloodstone Sword to Ramirecc

Skeet! Skeet! Skeet!

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Monday, August 30, 2004  

Ikkiniz, Chambers of Glorification Down

It would have gone down a few days ago had the server not crashed mid-raid, but better late than never to be sure. In any event, our first full attempt at it, it was cleared.

Visionary of Glory

Aegis of Blackscales to Shapira

Sentinal of Glorification

Darkglint Blade to Doraith

Guardian of Glorification

Deathcaller's Stonewind to Dillnar and Jermeria
Jagged Onyx Staff to Munyo
Jointed Scale Greaves to Juwdas

On to the next...

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Thursday, August 19, 2004  

Ikkiniz, Chambers of Righteousness Down

Ok, since we finished off Time, we've been farming that mercilessly all the while pushing foward in GoD. Unlike PoP, GoD doesn't have a lot of early milestones as people grind through trials in an effort to get to the point that you can start raiding Time-like content again.

I guess what we can say is that nearly everyone is Kod'Taz flagged (having completed the Tipt, Vxed and Sewers trials or Weaponmaster). Some people have made it through Ikkiniz 1, 2 and 3. Certainly, we have people able to trigger the first Ikkiniz raid in the form of the Chambers of Righteousness, which we attempted for the first time last night.

I'm proud to say, it is teh done and we'll be moving on post-haste.

Priest of Righteousness

Bloodlink Chestmail to Fyzas
Spell: Night Stalker to Festorxx

Custodean of Righteousness

Darkglint Blade to Deriyan

Guardian of Righteousness

Fleshthreader's Mace to Vaanessa

Spirit of Tunik Tamuik

Blackstone of Radical Thought to Oelin
Onyx Ring of Prayer to Satrina

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Sunday, August 15, 2004  
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