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Stop the Presses!

After years of yearning, wanting and occasionally whining, Tananthalas, ranger extrordinaire, finally completed his epic.

This sets a new milestone for Zephyros, having not actually completed an epic in probably over two years.

The officers have decided that this Time gear is crap and that we will continue down this new (old?) path of redoing epics.

Who's up for a Ragefire camp?

In other news, I seem to have lost my thyroid...

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Monday, June 28, 2004  

PoP Complete - Quarm Down

Well after another round of Time backflagging last week, we took a running start at tearing down Quarm. The first evening our attempt took him to 30% or so. The next night he died to our hands.


Ethereal Silk Leggings to Sitizen
Silver Hoop of Speed to Tananthalas
Spool of Woven Time to Donnaelder

This caps what has been a very fast move through time by almost any measure, learning all of the encounters and clearing every mob in the zone in under a month. Congratulations all around, especially to the officers who continue to bust their asses for the good of the guild.

The continued farming of Time and Quarm is in the cards as we turn some energies toward GoD and the upcoming expansion.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004  

Phase 4 clear... Moving through Phase 5

In the past week or so the guild has been working hard on learning the new time encounters. We finished off phase 4 a couple times killing VZ's punk ass without too much difficulty. More recently we killed CT our very first attempt and then very nearly took down Inny also our first attempt.

Cazic Thule

Earring of Unseen Horrors to Rubiness
Elemental Robe to Cadarian & Fatanya

Vallon Zek

Hammer of Holy Vengeance to Warby
Helm of Flowing Time to Juwdas
Shoes of Fleeting Fury to Raizo

Here's some of the most recent early phase loots (much thanks to Yumlek for compiling):

Phase1 Loot

June 8
Mask of Conceptual Energy - Colgan
Smooth Onyx Torque - Daeaen
Smooth Onyx Torque - Agrion
Wristguard of Keen Vision - Satrina - app
Wristguard of Keen Vision - Guesch

June 7
Mask of Conceptual Energy to Kaiyya
Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Cosanostra
Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Agrion
Smooth Onyx Torque - Ciell
Wristguard of Keen Vision

June 5
Wristguard of Keen Vision - Myca
Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Nashwan
Mask of Conceptual Energy - Tinedan
??? - Rotted
??? - Rotted

June 4
Ring of Force - Ciell
Ring of Force - Angeluss
Smooth Onyx Torque - Azellon
Smooth Onyx Torque - Derba
Wristguard of Keen Vision - Tormentre

June 3
Mask of Conceptual Energy - Iveagh
Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Iveagh
Ring of Force - Kthan
Smooth Onyx Torque - Theleasi
Wristguard of Keen Vision - Donnaelder

June 2
Mask of Conceptual Energy - Aerdae
Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Augustina
Wristguard of Keen Vision - Augustina
Ring of Force - Darkbire
Smooth Onyx Torque - Guesch

May 31
Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Steiner
Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Thilley
Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Gisz
Smooth Onyx Torque - Rubaan
Mask of Conceptual Energy - Thilley

May 27
Ring of Force - Drigonas
Ring of Force - Jermeria
Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Myca
Wristguard of Keen Vision - Ferrious
Mask of Conceptual Energy - Kitaya

May 26
Hoop of the Enlightened - Rubaan
Mask of Conceptual Energy - Rotted
Ring of Force - Rotted
??? - Rotted
??? - Rotted

May 22
Wristguard of Keen Vision - Boaw
Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Dhae
Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Shamf
??? - Rotted
??? - Rotted

May 21
Mask of Conceptual Energy - Dhae
Mask of Conceptual Energy - Derba
Wristguard of Keen Vision - Teyxan
Smooth Onyx Torque - Angeluss
Smooth Onyx Torque - Doraith

May 20
Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Kthan
Pulsing Emerald Hoop - Jermeria
Mask of Conceptual Energy - Llaile
Smooth Onyx Torque - Praetorious
Smooth Onyx Torque - Kaiyya

May 19
Smooth Onyx Torque - Gethdaryx
Wristguard of Keen Vison - Sudani
Wristguard of Keen Vison- Cohren
Ring of Force - Blaade
Ring of Force - Ladanian

Phase2 Loot

June 8
Drape of the Unending - Cosanostra
Wand of the Vortex - Colgan
Shield of the Vortex - Colgan
Tiny Jade Ring - Chantelle
Tiny Jade Ring - Rubiness

June 2
Wand of the Vortex - Izult
Gauntlets of Disruption - Guesch
Gauntlets of Disruption - Lindie
Tiny Jade Ring - Mindz
Tiny Jade Ring - Rotted

May 26
Gauntlets of Disruption - Ramirecc
Glowing Chains - Sudani
Girdle of Restoration - Morshaiz - app
Gauntlets of Disruption - Jermeria
Hoop of the Enlightened - Rubaan

May 20
Wand of the Vortex - Festorxx
Girdle of Restoration - Bladia
Drape of the Unending - Dilldorf
Drape of the Unending - Beornagar
Tiny Jade Ring - Saveuriss

Obvoiusly there's a bunch of phase 3 and phase 4 loot missing from these posts, but I really don't have the time to go searching for all of it. Just know some other people got some nice shiny new toys.


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Thursday, June 10, 2004  
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