Zephyros is end-game EQ guild on Vallon Zek and a newly formed WoW guild on XYZ server that is focused heavily on raiding. Our members adhere to a strictly enforced code of conduct and associated policies that are available for viewing in the Applications section of our message board.

If you are interested in becoming an applicant, please read see the application sections of the appropriate board link below.

Progress Time

After suffering through another Rathe encounter (which took us another couple of attempts to complete thanks mostly to DX9 freezes) we've started our exploratory work into the Plane of Time. Obviously we have a lot to learn but on our first real attempts we're already into phase 4.

For laughs, here's our first two night's loots (about 12 hours worth invested).

Phase 1
Pulsing Emerald Hoop x5 - Izult, Dhae, Shamf, Jermeria, Kthan
Wristguard of Keen Vision x4 - Cohren, Sudani, Teyxan, Boaw
Ring of Force x3 - Blaade, Ladanian, Azellon
Mask of Conceptual Energy x3 - Dhae, Derba, Llaile
Smooth Onyx Torque x5 - Angeluss, Doraith, Kaiyya, Praetorious, Gethdaryx

Phase 2
Girdle of Restoration - Bladia
Drape of the Unending x2 - Beornagar & Dilldorf
Tiny Jade Ring - Saveuriss
Wand of the Vortex - Festorxx

Phase 3
Dagger of Distraction - Blaade
Protective Sleeves x2 - Chantelle & Lanarye
Romar's Pantaloon's of Vision - Fatanya
Time Traveler's Abandoned Notebook - Yumlek
Timeless Coral Greatsword - Blackheart
Ethereal Destroyer - Tananthalas

Phase 4
Ring of Evasion - Tinedan
Symbol of the Planemasters - Gimpox
Runewarded Belt - Traxmaster
Terris Thule
Vanazir, Dreamer's Despair - Ramirecc
Cape of Endless Torment x2 - Neain & Augustina
Tallon Zek
Hopebringer - Steiner
Amulet of Crystal Dreams - Fluuxx
Bracer of Precision - Tobynn

  posted by Svenuce @ 9:07 AM

Sunday, May 23, 2004  
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