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Eat Dirt... Rathe Coucil/Avatar of Earth Down... Plane of Time Enabled!

We had our first attempt at the Rathe Council on Wednesday night. On our very first try we almost had the encounter beat. The whole night was two steps forward, one step back with lots of learning going on regardless of the direction of movement. We recovered from tank mez groups dropping. We recovered from councilmembers becoming unmezzed and killing chanters. We recovered from the DOZENS of screen-freeze LDs that played hell with the raid composition. But it was not to be on Wednesday. We had 10 councilmembers locked down on the pull of the 11th, an unfortunate shadowstep activated the 12th and we almost recovered from that, but not quite. It was the end of a productive evening even if we did not get the kill.

Thursday night we went back in to the Chamber of the Twelve with a better understanding of the encounter and its many pitfalls. At the end of the day, the twelve pissed off Tiki statues died, the Avatar of Earth was triggered and he shortly died to our hands thereafter.

Avatar of Earth

Ring of Flowing Stones - To Warby and Anexkahn

The end result of which is that we now have our first 72 time flags completed (aside from a handful of members who came to us with Time flags). This is a obviously major milestone for us with Time having been our goal for over a year and being the first guild on Vallon (or hell, any Zek server) to make it there with any significant PVP competition above them in their timezone. I'm sure we won't be the last but I can say that the Rathe encounter is easily the most tedious of any in POP we've encountered thus far.

Anyway, great work folks. It's awesome to see us pushing forward and I'm certainly looking forward to more progress in the near future.

  posted by Svenuce @ 7:50 AM

Friday, April 30, 2004  

Fishsticks For All

Ok, so it took us a while. Between constantly fighting for attempts to learn the encounter and other issues, it has taken us a bit of time to down Corny. The reality is, it took us about three real attempts to sort out a strat that works for us and the rest of the time taken was due to PVP related events and other forms of cockblocking that took us this long to kill the fish. Sue us. Either way, it's dead. We progress.

It's somewhat fitting that yet again, we had to fight for the right to kill him last night. We earned the shot (convincingly I might add) and took him down. The kill is extra gratifying as it gave us yet another opportunity to put some of the people from an enemy guild who were talking shit after last night's PVP in their place. It's also nice that our no use of public channel policies save us from looking as bad as it made these people look. But I digress...

I did hear a rumor shortly after the kill that Corny was incredibly pissed off at Defiant for breaking their mutual protection agreement though. Ahh, the politics of VZ.

Coirnav the Avatar of Water

Double Woven Kelp Cord to Juwdas
Kelp-lined Mantle to Thunderian
Kerasha's Sylvan Leggings to Thilley

Obviously 72 flags were also enjoyed by those present (about 80 toons including bots). Hats off guys. Really well earned and well excuted.

In the mean time, we've been farming the EPs mercilessly. EP patterns (some slots and types) are now going to apps and alts. We've also killed Fennin probably at least a half dozen times since the last update, so our gear progression has been moving forward this whole time.

With the most blowable, easily cockblockable mob between us and Time down, next on the list will be Rathe Council and the Avatar of Earth. Lucky for us, we're already all PoEB flagged. :)

See ya soon.

  posted by Svenuce @ 9:18 AM

Wednesday, April 14, 2004  
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