Zephyros is end-game EQ guild on Vallon Zek and a newly formed WoW guild on XYZ server that is focused heavily on raiding. Our members adhere to a strictly enforced code of conduct and associated policies that are available for viewing in the Applications section of our message board.

If you are interested in becoming an applicant, please read see the application sections of the appropriate board link below.

Mini Update

Backflagging is now complete (for now of course). We're still looking toward time and toward a time where the DX9 bugs are fixed (MT's warping to entrance, mobs below the world, mob and pet pathing issues, people falling under the world on zone in, etc.). EPs have been farmed mercilessly with several more Fennin kills for fun and giggles. We'll revisit Xeg more after the collision bugs are fixed.

We hope all is well with the rest of yas.

Like every other end game guild, we'd love another extremely active cleric or two. Please apply at the Zeph boards by following the instructions in the application forum.

  posted by Svenuce @ 1:08 PM

Tuesday, March 30, 2004  
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